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We help customers find millions of businesses online simply by submitting linked information to popular search engines.

To review a business, you do not have to login or have an account, all you need is an opinion. You can rate businesses 1-5 stars and leave comments explaining the reasons for your rating.


Reviews on are independently reviewed by our in-house development team prior to being published. We strive to ensure the content is accurate and was generated by a real person. Once approved, your review will be posted on the businesses profile available to other perspective clients for their consideration.


With a combined 40 years of experience in the advertising industry, we’ve built an extensive portfolio of online services for customers to help them connect and communicate with businesses. Our goal is to provide our users with services that have a distinctive value and that continually evolve and improve over time.

Moreover, we understand the importance of fostering professional, enduring relationships with our clients. As a result, we offer all of our clients personalized service with access to assigned project managers dedicated to overseeing the well-being the your account.

We have dedicated considerable resources to improving the technical skills of our staff on a continuing basis. Our objective is to exceed your expectations of quality and support service on a daily basis.

We are a proudly Canadian owned and operated business. All of our employees are located in North America and we do not outsource any of our customer services or technical support. We provide customers with access to support resources from skilled customer service and technical support staff who can address their issues quickly and efficiently.


Whether your business operates locally or around the world, is an easy and effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

Share images of your latest projects with the world right from your phone and help inspire your next customer by creating your profile on

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Explore some of the unique and targeted advertising opportunities Img Link has to offer your business on a variety of platforms and placements.